A Word to the Wise

6-16-2018 – A Word to the Wise: FATHERS DAY –WHAT IS THAT?

For all practical purposes I did not have a father. Parents were divorced when I was 4 my father was partial to my sister and brother. I only saw my birth father on rare occasions. Reflecting back I must say he was a very kind man, just not to me.

He only taught me two things; to always listen to my mother, and how to make real French toast. He died when I was 12. Replaced by a step father who hated me, fiercely.

From time to time there were men my mother wanted me to look up to, a preacher, an Elder but no male influences for the most part.

I left home when I was 16, joined the military when I was 17. The only father I had ever really known was my Heavenly Father, I have no regrets but just did not know what a father was or should be. I am not sure the Lord taught me how to be a father, but he most certainly was a Father to me.

It is an oddity of scripture but one does not find any real good father figures in the Bible. A few good men, many bad ones but father traits are just not abounding.

Regardless absence of a good model, my son is an excellent father, and I am very proud of him. I do not comprehend how that came to be, but he is the model father. Respected in the home, in his congregation, and in the community. Happy father’s day, son.


A Word to the Wise

6-6-2018 – A Word to the Wise: There is a lot of criticism of the officer who failed to enter the school and shoot the shooter. Before you  speak you might consider; have you ever face the situation where you were immediately confronted with  killing another person? Consider this please. Killing another human is not an easy topic for one to  comprehend as a peacemaker. There seems to be a little Quakerism in most of us. Modern research sheds some light into this arena.

During World War II Colonel S. L. A. Marshall in a landmark study revealed that only about 17% of men involved in face to face combat  actually fired their weapons at the enemy. Other investigators have provided additional insight into what is known as the resistance to killing.

At the conclusion of the battle at Gettysburg during the Civil War there were 27,574 muskets recovered from the battlefield. One would expect a high percentage to have been discharged in the fierce fighting on those battlefields yet 24,000 muskets recovered were loaded. Twelve thousand had multiple loads.

How is that possible? At the very least 12,000, and more likely 20,000 were noncombatants in the fiercest battle on American soil. Many soldiers did not want to kill! They would do everything but fire their weapon at another person. Many more discharged their weapons over the heads of the enemy, or into the ground. The only conclusion available is men have a great resistance to killing. The closer the combat the higher the resistance. God created a barrier in man that resist killing.

Considering the topic myself when I first became a police officer I concluded for my own self that I would kill only to save the life of another person, but not for self-protection. That self-established rule determine that in four situation where I was legally, and morally justified I did not pull the trigger.

In rethinking those four situations over the years I realize having considered the problem before hand it was easier to deal with the situation when it occurred.
But to judge the situation that faced this school resource officer without considering what you would have done is cruel misjudgment. He faces now being called a coward and many other names, but remember 83 % of the population when faced with a similar situation would not have killed. Would you have?

A Word to the Wise

6-5-2018 – A Word to the Wise:  There is nothing in all of creation more powerful for the human than obedience. Nothing affects man’s existence, regardless of his religiosity more than this quality. It governs intellect, emotions, and physical ability. Obedience to authority is important regardless of one’s religious beliefs–or lack of them.

The major reward for obedience to authority is longevity. Well over one hundred passages in the Old and New Testament emphasize this one concept. Life and obedience go hand in hand.

However, looking at obedience and what it promises and the promises associated with fearing God, one is immediately struck by a huge difference in benefits between the two.

While obedience promises longevity and to a lesser degree a measure of peace, fear of the Lord promises thirty or more specific benefits. Among them are wisdom, knowledge, insight, prolonged life, prosperity, abundance, the desire of one’s heart, food, confidence, healing and the list goes on

Acquisition of the fear of the Lord might be compared with putting on a heavy coat in mid-winter or an armored vest worn by a police officer. Fear of the Lord is a protective coat that protects us from evil and dangerous temptations.

The Scriptures tell us that understanding the fear of the Lord and how it is acquired is one of the most profitable endeavors that man can undertake.

A Word to the Wise

5-3-2018 – A Word to the Wise: Consider please – When one thinks of all of the children who go astray as they grow older one may wonder if there might be a way to plants seeds deep in the heart of a child that might bloom later on in life?

Exodus 30 might give us a hint. Here the Lord is giving specific instructions for the making and use of incense. God gives specific instruction how it is to be made and when it is to be used. The incense in the mind of the people connects with ones relationship with the Lord.

So I was wondering what would happen if parents, almost from the day of the birth of a child picked a popular fragrance often used in everyday society and used that fragrance daily while reading the same passage out loud to the child?

The passage could come from the first two chapters of I John, or perhaps the Sermon of the Mount. Every day take a common substance perhaps like cinnamon having it in the child’s presence while reading the same passage.

Several early years of that and I suspect later in life every time the person catches a whiff of cinnamon that passage would come back to mind.
Anyone think it worthwhile to experiment?

A Word to the Wise

4-24-2018 – A Word to the Wise: There is nothing in all of creation more powerful for the human than obedience. Nothing affects man’s existence more than this quality. It governs intellect, emotions, and physical ability. The ultimate obedience is rooted in the fear of the Lord. The least obedience is discovered in passive compliance with society’s customs

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to determine how powerful obedience is would be to observe the effects of disobedience.

Failure in this area is most evident in the “accident” rate of any society. Traffic accidents are a prime example. Notice how the majority of all accidents are due to the failure to obey a rule, law, and ordinance or known truth. The majority of all traffic accidents accounting for over forty-five thousand deaths per year are preventable. Simply obeying the rules results in an increased life span.

A Word to the Wise

4-12-2018 – A Word to the Wise: In the 9th grade I failed Algebra. I know that is no surprise to those who know me. The next year I had to retake the class. Yip, same teacher (she was pretty, but that had nothing to do with it). Same teacher, same room, same time of day, same desk (the one I had carved on the year before). Guess what I made? No surprise, a D- -, really failed but this teacher had enough of me.
Now why this is important is the Lord did not like my incompetence. So thirty years later He showed me something in scripture that required me to go back and learn algebra.
Do you know how important obedience really is? Well the Lord intended to show me. He had me study the kings of the Southern Kingdom. All of these kings had the same genetic background. It required me to understand algebra. The result: An examination of the kings reveal that those who were disobedient reigned an average of only 7.05 years. During the same period those who were obedient to the laws of the Lord ruled an average of 35.18 years.
Moreover, the obedient kings were prosperous, had strong backing from the population, and enlarged the borders of the kingdom. But even more impressive an examination of the lives of the kings of the Southern kingdom of David reveals those kings who were declared evil by the chronicler lived to be about 42.75 years old. Those who were judged good lived an average 55.50 years. The key to this discovery lies in the challenge of the book of Deuteronomy which declares that obedience brings longer life. Now lets see how many are able to locate that promise. (You will not need algebra).

A Word to the Wise

4-5-2018 – A Word to the Wise:  Has it ever occurred to you, or perhaps entered your conscious mind, this question. “Lord, my Savior, do you ever have to say on my account, Father forgive your child, they do not know, comprehend or understand the significance of what they have done, or said, or plan to do.”