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A Word to the Wise

2-2-2019 – A Word to the Wise – Lately I have been pondering suffering. Much has been written yet I think one element never touched on is addressed by Jesus in John 9. Jesus and His disciples come on a man born blind. He must have been well known. The general consensus was that either he , or his parents sinned. Jesus says not so, rather he was this way that God might be glorified. I think that should have meaning for us. Some suffer for years and years and we will they would just pass to stop the suffering, or we, or they say to themselves what sins have I done that justify so much suffering.

I think there is a different reason. They are actually bearing the sins of others that God might be glorified. Their suffering cleanses the souls around them. If they only would comprehend this, and rejoice in their anguish for how the Lord perceives it then their fear, anxiety, self incrimination would cease.

Their suffering has purpose. A righteous purpose, noble, and courageous.

So the next time you behold a suffering one ponder the purpose. Is it the Lords way of cleansing me of unrighteousness?

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