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6-20-2020 – A Word to the Wise – Perhaps a quote from John Eidson would be appropriate: According to this FBI report, 17 law enforcement officers were victims in 2016 of ambush assassinations, presumably by African American men who’d been led to believe the “epidemic” myth. That police officers are murdered because of racial anger over an epidemic that doesn’t exist is every bit as tragic as instances where white police unlawfully kill black people.

Even though white cops are no more likely than black cops to kill unarmed black suspects, the media have misled many African Americans to believe that white cops should be feared. Such fear is irrational. Every day and every night, white cops put their lives on the line in crime-ridden urban neighborhoods protecting law-abiding black citizens against rape, robbery, murder, assault, drug dealing, domestic violence, child trafficking, carjacking and drive-by shootings. When innocent black citizens are set upon by violent criminals, their most fervent hope is that a car with flashing blue lights is on the way.

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