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A Word to the Wise

10-23-2021 – A Word to the Wise – A simple reminder:

You cannot teach a child respect, unless

you first have a respect for the child.

This is the point of beginning. Attitude

and emotions speak an unmistakable language

which no amount of lecturing can disqualify.

A child comprehends the behavior and

attitude of respect for another by experiencing-

it first for another. Young people are

failing to develop the proper self-respect

and respect for others mainly because of

the warped and inconsistent teaching they

are receiving. Too often we ask them to

respect us on the basis of an adult parent-

teacher. This is no basis at all until it

is made consistent with the basic truth.

All human beings are worthy of respect.

A child’s capacity to respect is developed

by a careful and consistent guidance in

his sense of values. In other words,

respect is a process of growth. We do not

demand respect in a child. We guide him in

his development of it.

Many find it difficult to teach their

children to respect their father because

he is an imperfect model of manhood. But

respect is taught on a much deeper level

than this. A part of it is based on God’s

authority. The rest of it is based on a

greater value than that of simple outward

behavior. A child respects his parents

first because it is a commandment of God.

When God gave this commandment he was not

ignorant of the parent who would be

neglectful, the one on the bar stool, ect.

He knew all these failures in human beings

(and this is what parents are made of) when

He gave his commandment. No, man is worthy

of respect because he is God’s creation.

This places the reason for respect with

God, not man. He is endowed with the most

valuable of all gifts — a living soul.

Though a child should be taught to appreciate

the good in his parent, it is not his good

that makes him worthy of respect, but the

power of God. Too often in trying to teach

respect, we only teach respect of persons

which of itself is sin. Respect is taught

from early childhood and it is not based

on age, but humanity. You should not

permit your child to speak to another child

insultingly anymore than to you. Another

child is a human being, a creation of God,

therefore, he is worthy of respect. Many

try to apply it to the age or parents and

then wonder why it doesn’t take. Much harm

is done to their whole adjustment to life

because you have taught them a false set of

values. All that has been taught is really

a “respect of persons” rather than a “respect

for persons”, a living soul, which is direct

from God Himself.

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A Word to the Wise

10-4-2021 – A Word to the Wise – Something to consider: In Genesis 2 we learn that God creates Eve and brings her to Adam. Consider please what was the very first thing that occurred? No it was not what you just thought. The very first thing was Adam had an erection!  Here was the most beautiful and desirable woman in the whole world. What was the second thing that occurred?

Eve saw it and marveled that she had caused that. Shortly thereafter the temptation. What was the temptation? How do I on a continual basis cause this reaction with my husband I need the wisdom to continually get his attention.

Guess what Satan, immediately knew what to do, it is very simple create strip bars and for those to tender to attend teach them immodesty.

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