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5-20-2021 – A Word to the Wise – RAISING THE DEAD AT NAIN Luke 7:11 ff

Luke the physician provides for the reader close attention to the emotional state of Jesus, as well of those he healed or cared for especially women. Luke 7:1 calls us to pay special attention to Jesus’ compassion for a widow. A status his own mother held.

Purposely he goes to a city called Nain this was his outing for the day. I strongly suspect that he knew where he was going, why he was going, and that the arrival time was crucial. The disciples were clueless.

So leaving Capernaum going some six miles southwest Jesus hastens his pace. He has an appointment and must not be late. It is probably about ten in the morning as he nears his destination. A great crowd and his disciples follow him they are not privy to the destination or even the purpose.

Leaving the city of Nain about the same time Jesus is approaching is a woman clothed in mourning, followed also by a great crowd. She leads a procession with the lifeless body of her son. This is the second time she treads this path. The first was with the death of her husband, she is a widow. But now, even worse with the death of her only child, her son, she is alone.

She has no one to care for her. The future looks bleak. Many widows of this period had to beg just to survive. Work for women as we know it was not part of this society.

Jesus stops the processional along with the crowd following him and the crowd coming towards him from the city. Everyone knew there was nothing Jesus would be able to do in this circumstance. The boy was dead. In fact, there is no expectation on the part of either crowd that Jesus could do anything but provide comfort. The only sound is the widow weeping.

With compassion, Jesus says “do not weep,” Has he ever said that to you?

Touching the bier he speaks those famous words “Young man, get up! The dead son sits up and Jesus gives him back to his mother.

The people were aghast. We are in the presence of another Elijah, or Elisha. They too are surprised by joy for this act was not expected, nor even a possibility.

The result is that the incident spread like wildfire for hundreds of square miles.

This simple act of compassion has been heralded throughout the whole world for 2000 years. I wonder if our family, friends, or neighbors have even the slightest awareness of the miracles the Lord has performed for each of us.

I suspect that this is missing in our homes, churches, and communities. Testimonies about just what God has done for us.

If you were ever to pick up my bible and turn to page 912 (Psalm 136) you would find a list of 15 impossible acts the Lord performed on my behalf. All of us need this list for our friends, loved ones, even our enemies to see and hear about. Do you have such a list?

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