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5-3-2018 – A Word to the Wise: Consider please – When one thinks of all of the children who go astray as they grow older one may wonder if there might be a way to plants seeds deep in the heart of a child that might bloom later on in life?

Exodus 30 might give us a hint. Here the Lord is giving specific instructions for the making and use of incense. God gives specific instruction how it is to be made and when it is to be used. The incense in the mind of the people connects with ones relationship with the Lord.

So I was wondering what would happen if parents, almost from the day of the birth of a child picked a popular fragrance often used in everyday society and used that fragrance daily while reading the same passage out loud to the child?

The passage could come from the first two chapters of I John, or perhaps the Sermon of the Mount. Every day take a common substance perhaps like cinnamon having it in the child’s presence while reading the same passage.

Several early years of that and I suspect later in life every time the person catches a whiff of cinnamon that passage would come back to mind.
Anyone think it worthwhile to experiment?

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