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A Word to the Wise

10-26-2020 – A Word to the Wise – WHAT IS MISSING?

Notice how we talk together. We read the Lord’s word together. We sing songs of praise to the Lord together. We even, at times pray together.

Do you see what is missing? Malachi 3:16, ‘ A book of Remembrance was written before (or about) him, and shared with others. It is my opinion, that what is missing that would make a world of difference in our relationships is this matter of individuals writing down life time experience of what the Lord has done for them and sharing this with others openly. Why is this important? The answer is in your hands. We read the faith experiences of the godly one to four thousand years old. Things written for our learning, shared with men of old. It has been an example and influenced literally billions over the years. That is our example. I sit here looking at perhaps twenty or more journals kept over the years some as old as sixty years ago spelling out the details of mighty deeds the Lord has done. Someone is going to have a real time reading them after I am gone. Perhaps they should have been shared before then.

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A Word for the Wise

10-1-2020 – A Word for the Wise – The Jesus Encounter

When a person meets Jesus he is changed forever. There is no way a person can walk away from the Lord without feeling different. He may not accept the Master for a variety of reasons but that encounter will never leave him. No one ever had a higher view of man. The manner in which he flings commands, launches challenges, or invitations.

Notice how much of Jesus’s teaching consisted of imperatives and finally the great imperative “You must be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

However, what purpose is there to issues commands, challenges, or invitations if there is no response? Jesus demanded a response.

In fact Jesus assumes that every person, no matter how high or low, is able to respond in some manner and he set out to get it even if he had to die .

Jesus could see in us tremendous potential, so much so that he told us that we would do even more than he. Really? What impossible thing have you missed or accomplished today?

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