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3-29-2018 – A Word to the Wise:  I offer for your consideration two powerful passages which stimulate attention in the heart and mind of a person. The first are words one would never want to hear. They appear in 2 Chronicles 21 and are the perfect words for the tombstone of the evil.

Scripture has been addressing the works of King Jehoram, The Lord is very anger with this king because of his evil ways and smote his bowels with an incurable disease. The text says after two years King Jehoram dies in great agony. Scripture closes the final chapter in this man’s life with the words “he departed with no one’s regret.”

In sharp contrast we find some stirring words in the first chapter of Job, which for a godly person, is the ultimate word of praise.

The Lord is speaking to Satan about Job and says “have you considered my servant Job”? One may bring these words home in a visual manner by mediating on these words being spoken in heaven by the Lord to another in the following manner; “Have you considered my servant inserting your own name. Visualize that a few times see how it affects your walk with the Lord.

Thus how will you set your compass’ He died with no one’s regret’ or’ have you considered my servant.’

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3-28-2018 – A Word to the wise:  Human possessiveness is a misplaced sense of ownership. No one in any relationship owns another person. The deepest yearning in every human being is for a “sense of longing” but it must be fulfilled in God. If it is displaced to a person it spawns much unhappiness.

The human being was meant to function in many relationships but if tied to only one then none of them will function properly. Possessiveness will cripple and eventually destroy all relationships. Man attempts to acquire ownership by glamorizing the idea of “belonging” in marriage. The Lord never intended for men and women to belong to each other. God meant for a man and woman to function together in harmony as one just as the parts of our body function in harmony.

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3-24-2018 – A Word to the Wise: Parents who raise their children as friends, companions, and equals do their children a great disservice. A child does not learn correction by logic. Reasoning with a child about why certain conduct is unacceptable rarely works. A child will “why” you to death with no intent to obey. Furthermore, later relationships with authority figures will be impaired. Well did Solomon say, “By mere words a person is not disciplined, for though he understands, he will not give heed” (Proverbs 29:19).

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3-23-2018 – A Word to the Wise:  Who Did Jesus not Like –  Most of us feel loved by the Lord. We have been taught all of our lives “For God so loved the world…. Yet I firmly believe there is a difference in being loved by the Lord and being liked by the Lord.

Even among the apostles there were those singled out for a special relationship. This is seen in the events surrounding the Transfiguration and then again in the Garden before His death. There are some in scripture who befriend Jesus. John at Jesus death the women who provided for His ministry are but a few.

It is obvious that there are those who Jesus forms bonds with, those He is fond of. His family members were not a part of this group. In fact they are often at odds with Jesus and His ministry. There are others as well.

In John 5 we meet a man who Jesus heals then singles out for a later admonition. In verse 14 Jesus warns the man not to return to his sinful behavior or he will be worse off. The man then turns and betrays Jesus to His enemies. I doubt Jesus liked the man…He loved him, used His power to heal him, yet Jesus is not fond of the man.

In contrast John 9 gives us another personal encounter. Jesus heals the man and goes on His way. Subsequently the man is challenged and ridiculed by the Pharisees. Jesus makes a special effort to find the man and talk to him. There is a bond between the two.

The healing of the demoniac reveals this same type of encounter between Jesus and another person.

These few form quick and long lasting bonds with the Lord.

The enemies of Jesus, though He died for them, it is evident that He did not like them. I suspect in our time the same may be true. Those the Lord loves are many those He likes are few. Which are you?

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3-20-2018 – A Word to the Wise: I have been a Minister/Counselor for fifty years, worked as a police officer for forty-one years, saving four people: one an attempted suicide, two others needing CPR to survive, and rescuing a father from under a burning vehicle, both of us soaked in gasoline. And I have brought more than a few to the Lord. I say all of this to comfort the many parents struggling with children who make them feel like failures. I would like to share a few insights with the beleaguered.

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3-17-2018 – A Word to the Wise: So sixty years later, I have to wonder – why did all her discipline fail? And even more intriguing – how did I turn out so good??? ( I use the term “good” in a relative sense here since I do not feel good.) Remember the scripture a good tree brings forth good fruit a bad tree brings forth bad fruit. Which was I?

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3-16-2018 – A Word to the Wise: Mother tried to put me in a children’s home, but they did not want me. Her attempt to control me in my early teens included beating me with an old iron cord till I could not walk as well as other equally unpleasant methods.

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3-14-2018 – A Word to the Wise: I had earned that title by putting sand in my dad’s vehicle’s gas tank, burning up the yard twice, later burning down the garage, and even tried the house once. I would steal anything I could get my hands on, particularly food, and lie regardless of the question. My school grades were dismal. I had no friends. I was a problem child.

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3-13-2018 – A Word to the Wise: As I have shared in the past, I had a horrible childhood. The first nine years were not of my doing. The next seven were on me. By the time I was ten, I was a very angry child. In fact my mother took me to three different psychiatrists and they all agreed that I was the angriest child they had ever dealt with…that I was, in fact, incorrigible.

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3-10-2018 – A Word to the Wise: At times I have wondered why or how you could love me Lord. How is that possible with all my failures and pride, how O Lord? I remember that I am your precious possession and one does not discard precious possessions even if they are scratched and scarred.

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