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A Word to the Wise

12-23-2021 – A Word to the Wise – Near my God to thee

The scriptures are full of patterns which give us directions on how to handle difficult situations. Before I give you this one it is important to observe that this is not how you deal with every problem. This is special and must be done correctly. When I say correctly, I mean the request must be written down. It must be dated and timed. Its whole purpose is to confirm just how powerful our God is. This is the pattern.

Isaiah 7:10.” The Lord spoke to Ahaz, Ask a sign of the Lord your God; Let it be deep as Sheol or high as heaven.”

The Lord does everything in his power to see that we have the basis for believing and trusting him. This is reserved for special situations, and people who are not believers or losing their faith by discouragement.

The simple question you ask the person is this; Is there something the Lord would do for you that would cause you to believe and follow him the rest of your days?

If the person says yes, you may ask what it is, but it is not important to know. All that is important is that you earnestly ask the Lord to grant the request. You then write it down and I do not mean on a computer, rather on paper, with pen and ink. Psalms 145.

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A Word to the Wise

12-21-2021 – A Word to the Wise – Attitudes

All of us have said things, done things that should never have been done or spoken. The biggest problem is when we deny those things, excuse those matters, or blame others, or even God for our behavior, or attitude. Love will not coexist in this atmosphere, neither will the Lord. What is more important hanging onto those fix false beliefs or noxious attitudes or pleasing the Lord?

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A Word to the Wise

12-12-2021 – A Word to the Wise – Continue on Gifts

Seven years ago, I for the first time recognized the presence of the Exhorter gift in a very young child. Its presence was discovered because of the presence of a primary trait observed in all Exhorters. Let me share the story with you. My study of the Gifts began in 1985 and from that time I used my understanding of the traits daily in my work with families in counseling. So with twenty-five years of daily observation, I was attune to the presence of different traits in conjunction with each of the gifts.

In January of 2007 my wife, Mary had just gotten a new 3-month-old child, Macie, by name to care for. As was my habit I went home early to help. As I walk in our home, I see Macie laying on a blanket on the floor. I walk over and pick her up and turn to say something to Mary. In my peripheral vision I notice Macie’s neck muscles, as she struggles to turn her head and obtain eye contact upon hearing my voice.

It is amazing this three-month-old is seeking eye contact, I cannot believe it. I know in an instance she is exhibiting the chief physical trait of an Exhorter! I see it every day in my office with other children and adults. From that point on I began to pay attention to other young children and sure enough traits of the gifts were very apparent.

To tie some of these themes together we must first point out some of the most popular traits that appear early then turn our attention to the womb. This list will not be all inclusive rather some more easy to see.

Prophet: Loud, dominant, persuasive, active.

Teacher: Inquisitive, slow, low activity, and obsessiveness

Exhorter: Inquisitive, focus on the eyes, sensitive to emotions

Server: Exploring, sound, smell, taste, touch oriented. Rejects emotions high activity.

Mercy: Quiet, highly sensitive to emotions, oriented to soothing emotions in others

Giver: Rejects emotions, materialistic, active

Organizer: Rejects emotions, search surroundings, organize surroundings

Some of the more likely types of behavior noticeable in the womb might be probably as with the adult, unemotional people are likely low in fear or anger, while emotional individuals are high in fear or anger. These traits may be seen in the womb. The gifts are not part of heritage, unless specifically designed by the Lord. Emotional stimulation will tend to occur with the Prophet, Exhorter and of course the Mercy. One would expect a child who is a Mercy being drawn to the mother’s emotions and attempt to assuage negative feelings. How would one expect this to happen? Perhaps by soothing the mother’s feelings by lack of physical activity. Perhaps by communicating to the mother through releases of certain hormones. However, the fetus would sense the emotions in the womb and just like outside would respond. Except as noted if those feeling on the mother’s part are directed towards the fetus then the fetus could reject the mother, as with the infant who rejected the mother’s breast, or even self-abort.

The gifts most responsive to physical stimulation are going to be the Server, Giver, and Organizer. Experiments have shown that the fetus hears and recognizes a great variety of sounds. The mother telling stories, singing songs, repetition of sounds. It would appear they are able to distinguish when spoken directly to in contrast to when others are addressed. These type experiments usually test the heartbeat of the fetus. Most certainly have expressed a distinct preference to Mozart which appears to soothe them as opposed to Beethoven or hard rock music which appears to disturb the fetus.

Piontelli documents a whole host of physical behaviors in her sonogram studies of both individual and twins at four different periods of the trimesters. F. Rene Van de Carr created some games between the parents and the embryo which involve kicking on command. Dr. Henry Truby, professor of Pediatrics at the University of Miami, points out the fetus hears clearly from the sixth month, and in fact moves his body rhythm to his mother’s speech. Spiritual stimulation is going to occur by several means. Reading the bible to the fetus or telling bible stories to the child is a form of spiritual stimulation. Prayer by the parents is going to be a powerful influence in the fetus’ life. Music stimulation in the form of hymns will be a major source of spiritual training.

We see examples of spiritual response with the meeting of Mary and Elisabeth when John responds in the womb to the presence of Jesus in Mary’s womb. ( Luke1:40ff) . Dr. Truby notes that a four- or five-month-old fetus responds to sound and melody. Playing Vivaldi, or Mozart, the fetus relaxes if agitated. If Beethoven is played the child starts kicking and moving around. What may effect in a negative manner the gifts in the womb? Physical and Emotional abuse is the most serious. One must remember that an adult through experience is able to use coping mechanisms to process painful experiences. The fetus has no such defenses. Thus, fearful or frightening experiences in the womb carve exceptional deep cut into the mind and soul of the fetus. Therefore, abuse in the womb is deeply destructive to the unborn child. Catecholamines, (epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine) when produced by fear or anxiety in the mother are almost immediately transmitted to the fetus.

Dr. Denis Stott after the study of 1300 children and their families reach the conclusion that parents in problem marriages ran a 237 percent greater risk of having an emotional or physically damaged child.

Chemical abuse:

Obviously, there is a greater awareness of the effects of drugs on the unborn. But sometimes the real reality of it escapes us. One study however revealed just how quickly this may happen. In a study a 30-minute baseline of fetal breathing was taken followed by 30 minutes post alcohol recording.

Each mother was given one ounce of vodka. Within three minutes all breathing and movement stopped in all the fetus and continued for several minutes.

The level of alcohol in the blood of the mother was the same as the fetus. What one ends up with is an intoxicated fetus.

In another test using ultrasound observations were made of mothers undergoing surgery. Valium was administered. Breathing and movement stopped from three minutes after injection and continued for from twenty minutes to three hours post injection. Seventy percent of the fetus had epileptic seizures. Too actually watch one of the human fetuses have seizures in the womb makes one want to cry.

Spiritual abuse

I suspect most of us have not given much thought to how a child in the womb might be spiritually abused or what it might even look like. One may be certain that any type of behavior that has one attempting to communicate with the dead, interacting with Satan, any type of witchcraft or worship of other gods will have a direct effect on the fetus. One must never forget that Satan is a powerful force in our world. Our study now returns to the earlier example of Jacob and Esau, and the material by Alessandra Piontelli beginning with the sonogram study of Maria and Beatrice.

Twins represent a way to see and compare growth in the same womb and in the same environment. With twins we have two individuals experiencing the same environment yet developing into entirely different people with different gifts. I suspect we have enough information about all four of these infants’ traits to venture guesses about their individual gifts. Jacob displays the traits seen with Givers. He is materialistic, secretive, and does not learn from his mistakes.

Esau exhibits the traits of a Server. Physically in touch with his environment, non-materialistic, fixed on the present moment instead of the long-term outcome, desire to server another. Alessandra Piontelli, details her observations of eleven fetuses in the womb using ultrasound scans. Four of the sets are twins. Our concern is with the twins, Marisa and Beatrice. Her study begins in the eighteen weeks of pregnancy going through the fourth year of age.

It is our belief that her descriptions parallel the experiences of Jacob and Esau and thus provides and understanding of the womb experience. It is our hope that the biblical and extra biblical experience will shed some light on the gifts in the womb. Observations of the twins Marisa and Beatrice begin in the eighteen weeks of pregnancy. Here are some excerpts from that ultrasound. The left fetus or Marisa kicks her sister, Beatrice in the head. Marisa is the smaller of the two, at birth she weights five pounds and seven ounces. Beatrice, weight at birth seven pounds nine ounces. During this first sonogram Marisa though smaller is seen kicking Beatrice over and over. Sometimes Beatrice fights back but for the most part retreats to the far side of the womb covering her head.

The second ultrasound takes place in the twenty-third week. Again, we find the twins fighting in the womb. Almost like a boxing match between the two. Beatrice frequently tries to push away and put distance between her and her sister. Yet Marisa, continues to pounce on Beatrice, with blows aimed at her head and neck. Frequently Beatrice retreats and curls up avoiding Marisa.

This behavior continues throughout the next two ultrasounds. Near time for delivery Marisa appears to try to force her way out of the womb leaving Beatrice in a compromised situation which threatened her life. A Caesarean was done to save her life. After birth Marisa is described as tense, serious, and fearful. Beatrice in contrast just wanted to be cuddled. As the girls grow their dispositions remain the same. Marisa, always tense and surveilling her surroundings fearful of intrusion. Beatrice however, calm, relaxed with her surroundings. Marisa intense jealous, and hatred of her sister seems to know no bounds. Whenever given the opportunity she assaults her sister. As Beatrice ages she becomes more withdrawn and passive, hiding from others.

We may well imagine from biblical descriptions the behavior of both sets of twins is similar. We suggested earlier that Jacob exhibits the traits of a Giver, while Esau the traits of a Server. Given the information available about Marisa and Beatrice, we would suggest that Marisa exhibits the traits of a Prophet, and Beatrice a Mercy. It is apparent that attributes of the gifts may be clearly seen in the womb. So how is this information to be used? Does it really make any difference to know the gift? Simply, our task is to reveal their presence in the womb and for others to study and develop it.

As an adult all one must do is examine the various relationships and how an understanding of the individual gifts makes communication more viable.

Knowing that your child is a Prophet explains certain tendencies of the child. Being loud, or when interacting with other children the tendency to lead and demand honest behavior. When misbehavior occurs the Prophet quickly tell others of that behavior whether their own or someone else. That behavior is not outlawed but must be trained. If you correct the tattle all you as a parent have accomplished is to undermine a specific trait given by the Lord to help maintain righteousness. It should be no surprise that there are other gifts the Maker bestows on the fetus. Mathematical skills like with Einstein, or musical skills as with Mozart and others. How are these to be viewed considering the Motivational Gifts?

Simply the Motivational gifts provide the framework for which all future experiences are built. Into this framework the Maker may provide other talents or gifts as he sees fit. Yet these other skills, abilities, or gifts fall within the original framework provided by the motivational gifts. Examples from scripture would be Solomon who by nature searches after wisdom finds that ability magnified. Or Jacob, the Giver, finds the Lord adds a far greater sensitivity to husbandry. Nehemiah the organizer’s ability is greatly magnified to inaugurate the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. In each circumstance the additional skill is added to the existing framework. Exodus 31 gives a taste of what this is like. First, Bezalel is given the ability, intelligence, and knowledge to design and work in gold, silver, and bronze. Bezalel is an Organizer, able to see the finished product and at the same time organize a great work with the additional gift the Lord grants him.

Again, discovering these new talents, abilities, or skills in the womb may be just as apparent when sought after as the Motivational Gifts. So we have the Motivational Gift given at conceptions which are the chief attributes which are inherent in the gift. The framework determines the degree of sensitivity to mental, physical, and emotional, situations, and how one views each of these circumstances, and finally responds to each. Within that framework one develops character traits which effect the usability of the gift. The degree, or lack of intelligence does not determine the value of the gift. Only the perseverance, training, and developed skill determines its value. All qualities are determined by the individual irrespective of status or station in life. Into this framework the Lord adds additional gifts beginning in the womb and at other time in life based on the principle of stewardship and need. Each of these additional gifts, whether natural ability, aptitude, talent, or skill is limited only by the determination of the person.

These gifts, like the Motivational gifts tend to pull the person in a direction, with an intense desire. Now truly we have come full circle. The Motivational gifts provide the framework. The additional talents abilities traits given us provide the incentive for accomplishment, and therein we see the full purpose. All these attributes are inborn in us by the Living God, that we might believe in Him, trust in the only begotten of the Father, and have life in the Son.

As we look at the gifts, convinced of there working within us then seeing we believe. It also explains why there are a whole list of negative attributes co existing with the gifts. When the gift is used for others, we experience joy and fulfillment. When the gifts are used to enhance self or enrich self then one observes the hollowness and emptiness of a life without the Son.

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A Word to the Wise

12-10-2021 – A Word to the Wise – THE GIFTS PART II

This then is the frame of the creation given at conception. Rather than a product of experiences it is the frame for which all experiences occur and develop.

Romans 12: 4-7 sets the stage for the Biblical understanding of the gifts which it specifies as seven; (Prophet, Teacher, Administrator, Encourager, and Server. Giver, Mercy). Interpretation of this passage varies with scholars.

The Motivational Gifts paper describes some of the individual traits of each of the gifts so I will not rehearse them here. These traits are clearly seen much earlier than adulthood.

So the question arises when may they be seen? And more importantly what is their source and purpose? They are given by the Lord to each individual and marks that person as His creation. There are several scriptures which assure this interest by the Creator. Psalm 139, Job 10:8,11; Isa 49:1,5; 44:2; and Lk 1:15,31 to name a few. So how do the gifts appear in the womb?

Look at the Gift of Server. The traits of this Gift are physical in nature. Sensitivity to the physical environment is enhanced, specifically, heat, cold, smell, taste, are traits of this gift. At the same time the Server tends to reject negative emotions.

The purpose for this rejection is to intensify the physical ability of the individual. Suppression of the emotions increases physical ability and stamina. One might expect in the womb to see increased physical activity for longer period of time. Exploration of the environment occurs. What one will not see is direct response to emotions. The mother’s emotional state will tend to be ignored by the fetus.

There are core issues with each of the gifts that make up these filters. For instance, the Teacher from the beginnings filters everything through Truth. The Mercy assesses everything through the filter of pain. The Exhorter filters with consequences. The Giver through material value, the Prophet filters virtue, the Organizer through loyalty, the Serve filters service. These filters strain out what is immaterial, and what is important.

The gifts precede personality development and give direction to the personality while experience presents the opportunity to learn. Even in the womb some of this may be observed.

The passivity of the Mercy may be observed with slowness to respond. In contrast the Prophet presents with hyperactivity, quick response in the environment.

Also the Prophet fetus will more strongly react to feeling on the part of the mother who rejects the child. The Mercy infant will desire to heal the mother, and attempt to calm her anxious spirit. The Server will attempt to distract the mother away from distressing feelings.

Using this perspective some answers may present themselves to some things that occur in the womb.

The Mercy gift is slow to react because the gift filters everything through the emotional state before it gets to the intellect. Every feeling of the mother is experienced intensely by the fetus. This may explain the phenomena of some miscarriage where the mother rejects the pregnancy, thinks about abortion and eventually miscarries. (Cf. Abortion and Fears of Abandonment. R.J. Weil and C. Tupper, Personality, Life Situation, and Communication: A Study of Habitual Abortion, “Psychosomatic Medicine, 22:6, Nov.-Dec. 1960, pp.448-455).

Because this gift is so sensitive to emotions it feels the absolute rejection by the mother and therefore takes its own life.

My purpose here is not to prove what takes place in the womb rather to suggest what may occur. These suggestions are based on intensive studies of the Motivational Gifts, personality, and the womb.

But before we get to far ahead let’s take a step back and look at both some Biblical and extra Biblical womb experiences to see a more intimate view of what happens and how the molding forms future directions.

Now we are going to alter course somewhat. We will examine a few actual events observed in in the womb or events and there aftereffects on the child after birth. It is important here for me to say that what we will be looking at with the gifts cannot be ‘proved.’

In fact there are major groups who would deny development of these traits in the womb. Other groups who would agree but interpret the material in a different manner. This is how I understand the material.

Our ultimate purpose is to understand the gifts prenatal, and post-natal and is crucial when the parents wants to motivate the child in obedience, and general spiritual matters. The womb gives the parent a method of laying a strong foundation which will follow the child thru-out life.

There appears to be at least three major ways a mother and fetus communicate. The first is physically. The second is behaviorally. The third is emotionally.

Physical communication seems to be the most researched and is seen most often in physical traumatic experiences. Evidence that the fetus experiences this type of trauma is evidenced when the newborn is underweight, colicky, cranky, irritable, and tends to cry a lot.

Studies done post World War II in the Netherlands looked at individuals conceived and born during the period October 1944- May 1945. During this period the Germans blockade food deliveries severely in the West, and moderately in the North and South Netherlands.

The result of the studies was a significant because they reveal a steady rise in men who were conceived during the early part of the famine with Antisocial Behavioral patterns. Those affected in the second and third trimester were not as seriously impacted as those conceived in the first trimester.

Numerous studies done since this have shown that the intense fear, and anxiety, caused by natural disasters, and terror for whatever other reason has significant effects on the fetus, as seen in fetus movement, heartbeat, and lack of movement activity in the womb.

Another form of physical communication is found in the medical literature 1978-1979. An obstetrician while attempting an amniocentesis accidentally strikes a fetus on the shoulder. The fetus turned away from the needle locates it with his arm and strikes the needle repeatedly. This behavior was focused attention by the fetus at just 22 weeks. (David Chamberlain, Windows to the Womb, p. 46).

Another pediatric surgeon experienced a fetus holding the needle during an amniocentesis. Thus, you not only have the fetus communicating physically with the mother but others as well.

Dr. Piontelli a researcher with a background in psychotherapy did a project with pregnant mothers using ultrasound and continued following the children for four years.

The results of the ultrasound study and follow-up of the child Pina is quite interesting. During the second ultra-sonographic observation at the twentieth week Dr. Piontelli was able to detect considerable movement by the fetus.

The child has a wide range of movements, kicking, and playing. Observations the second month after birth indicated a very alert child, exploring every detail of the environment. An investigative trait that continued for 4 years after the birth.

The second form of communication is behavioral in nature. The most common form of behavioral communication is kicking. This may run the gamut from minor nudges to severe kicks. Here are some examples.

A prospective father tended to reject the doctor’s suggestion that the fetus and mother would or could communicate. So the doctor had the father press his head against the abdomen of the mother and yell loudly. As he did there was a sudden eruption on the skin of the mother’s abdomen. The fetus had severely kicked the mother because of the intrusion. (Verny, 85).

Another behavioral example is music. Several major studies has shown that the fetus seems to enjoy listening to Mozart. However, music by Beethoven or hard rock music causes incessant kicking on the part of the fetus. The fetus does not like this type of music and communicates it to the mother.

Kicking may all so be signs of something far more severe John Kelly tells of one of his patients who in the 28th week started to experience sharp jabs by the fetus. This kick grew in intensity until the mother became alarmed went to see her obstetrician. He diagnosed a placenta previa, conditions which threatened the life of the child. After treatment the kicking stopped and five weeks later a normal delivery occurred.

Thus, in kicking behavior the fetus communicated a messages to the mother, about a life threatening circumstance.

The third form of communication is emotional in nature. The mother communicates to the child that it is accepted, or rejected, loved, or hated.

Several types of hormones are transmitted to the fetus during pregnancy, and some from the child to the mother which telegraph certain stages of growth. However, there are other messages not related to hormones which may transpire. These are often referred to as sympathetic communications. Now the two, emotional and sympathetic may appear as similar but are not.

Dr. Sontag, differentiates between the emotional and sympathetic communication for us with a couple of examples. One mother experienced the death of her husband in a traffic accident. Because of the introduction of all manner of hormones in the mother the fetus reacted violently with fetal movements ten times the magnitude of the movements prior to the accident.

This infant is reacting to the magnitude of hormones coming from the mother due to the loss and upheaval. Communications are introduced through the flood of anxiety-provoking hormones coursing through the system. These hormones make the fetus worried and fearful. In this case and in similar circumstances where the mother experiences heavy amounts of hormone releases due to external events the child may later be born colicky, irritable and crying a lot.

Mary, and I had personal experience with this very condition. During the first trimester of our second child, we experienced significant upheaval in our personal life which included a car accident, and move. Our daughter had significant problems during the first year post-natal. Conditions included severe colic and irritability.

Numerous studies show that a variety of events affecting the mother effect the child. Some within seconds of the mother’s heart beginning to race the infant’s heart rate doubles as well.

In contrast the sympathetic communication between mother and fetus are far more subtle. In this group are those mothers who do not want to be bothered by pregnancy they communicate to the child. “I do not want you.”

It has been known for some time that the feelings of the mother affect the unborn fetus. Thomas Verny (The Secret Life of the Unborn Child, p.89), introduces the idea that ambivalence on the part of the mother, may be sensed by some fetus and who thus may self-induce abortion.

It is felt by many professionals that an unusual large number of spontaneous abortions which are not founded in any medical condition may be the result of the infant’s detection of these subtle emotions, and therefore the fetus terminates the pregnancy. If not terminating in abortion the result of the ambivalence may appear in other ways by the infant after birth.

A graphic example is provided by a leading European obstetrician. He tells of the birth of a female child, Kristina by name. The labor and deliver was fine and Kristina appeared healthy.

However, there was no attempt by Kristina to move toward the mother’s breast. In fact she refused the breast and would turn her head. When inserted in her mouth she would spit it out. When given formula milk Kristina drank hardily.

Concerned about the reason for the rejection of the breast after several days the doctor devised an experiment. Kristina was offered breast feeding by another new mother. Kristina immediately grasp the breast and began sucking hungrily.

Upon questioning the mother revealed that she did not want Kristina, rather wanted an abortion. But finally gave in for her husband’s sake.

Kristina had known for some time of the mother’s rejections and returned it in kind. In this later circumstance the only way for Kristina to know of her mother’s true feelings was to sense her mother’s emotions. The mother had never verbalized the feelings.

In 1988 studies funded by the World Health Organization were published. The results were eye opening. The study focused on the outcome of babies who were wanted and those unwanted.

The study was conducted over a twenty-five-year period. The results revealed that unwanted babies tended to be premature, had a high mortality rate, had more handicaps, lower IQ’s, troubled relationships, had more long term illnesses, prone to more criminal activity, drank more, prone to drug use, and exhibited poor parenting skills themselves later in life. .

Thus, we have the three major kinds of communication between mother and child; physical, behavioral, emotional.

So, let’s see if we have a biblical example of womb behavior :

Probably the most popular biblical story is that of Jacob and Esau. Rebekah, shortly after conception found herself the host of twins who battled each other in the womb. Consternation led her to inquire of the Lord what was happening. The Lord told her they were twins struggling with each other and they would be the fathers of two great nations.

The battle continued even into labor and delivery, when it was apparent to the mid wife that the younger had grab the heel of the older as if to precede him in birth. This struggle that began in the womb continued throughout their entire life.

Jacob was a Giver, Esau a Server. Neither gift will suffer the presence of emotional conflict, it is to be avoided. The Giver puts the emphasis on material things and their value. They give high quality gifts. They tend not to learn from their mistakes. We see these traits in abundance with Jacob.

Esau the Server puts little emphasis on the material thus we having him give his birthright for next to nothing. He is angry with his brother but does not seek his presence.

Esau cannot abide emotional conflict. Jacob being a Giver attempts to finally heal the breech with his brother with a multitude of expensive gifts for that is how Giver think one resolve problems.

Esau the Server does not want the gifts for to a Server you heal the problem with acceptance and praise. So from the womb till the final meeting we see these twins acting out the various traits of their gifts.

Unusual? Maybe but Piontelli in her book “From Fetus to Child” (pg. 147-162) describes in graphic detail the battle between twins. In this case it was the eighteenth week of pregnancy and an hour-long observation with ultrasound.

She and other doctors watched in astonishment as the twins hit and punched each other in the womb. This struggle between the two lasted throughout the pregnancy eventually into labor and because of threat to their life they were delivered by Caesarean. The twins were followed closely for the next four years and yes they continued to battle each other just like Jacob and Esau.

So what does all of this have to do with the Gifts?

To be continued:

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A Word to the Wise

12-9-2021 – A Word to the Wise – ON THE GIFTS

The Motivational Gifts have their beginning from conception as purposed by the Lord before conception. This process occurs with each pregnancy and ensures that each human has a purpose and direction. Further it may serve as a constant proof of the Creator’s personal interest in the child.

The Gifts (Prophet, Teacher, Administrator, Encourager, and Server. Giver, and Mercy) provide the framework for completing the purpose for which the Lord created us. The gifting process takes place in the mind of God before He creates us. Thus the structure is in place to contain and directs towards the purpose ones individual creation. It begins for us at conception.

The Gifts are a framework upon which is built all future experience. The gift filters the environment, and relationships, for specific material relevant to what the gift processes.

Additionally, into this framework may be added the core for other talents or abilities. Each additional talent exists and functions within the framework provided by the Motivational gift.

This process may be compared to a huge earth magnet. This magnet in our being attracts certain experiences and ignores others. It attracts those experiences relevant to the specific gift building on it and filling in the framework. That is what the gift does. It attracts itself to certain experiences and rejects other events which do not fit its purpose.

For example, four of the Gifts out right reject emotional experiences, particularly negative ones. Three of the Gifts are strongly attracted to emotional experiences. Each of these three gifts do different things with those emotional experiences.

When exactly does the Lord give or determine the gift and what more may be said about the purpose? Part of the answer is seen in Jeremiah 1, when the Lord says to him, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” The Lord is saying before conception He knows each of us and creates us for a specific purpose.

As the embryo develops it passes through different stages the Lord adds color to the developing fetus. Womb experiences are filtered. The Gift emphases some things, diminishing the effects of others. Each event good, or difficult, go into the development of the person who will after proper training be able to complete the task the Creator made the child to accomplish.

Later we will examine some of the prenatal experiences to see this process at work. We must keep in mind the Gifts are merely the framework. To the basic pattern is added special senses and potential abilities as the Master sees fit.

As in all things the Master creates when we cooperate, trains, and develops the necessary abilities. There is a deep sense of peace and joy regardless the difficulty encountered as the gifts are utilized. Psalm 139 becomes a guide to the hidden secrets of the Lord. The purpose here is to understand the child in the womb.

Proverbs 22:6 states “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” This training begins at conception. The key to this promise is prayer. The word “depart” is our guide. A child cannot depart from where he does not first arrive. The child must first at some point accept the teaching. The child must first take it into his heart. This is observable. A tree bears fruit whether it be peach, pear, or apple. The product is observable.

As so often seems true of man’s nature, man’s interpretations are frequently the reverse of God’s reality. Interpretations which often clash as man emphasizes one aspect of a problem and the Lord puts forth a different solution.

Example, scripture is pretty clear that the creation occurred some 5000 years ago. Man postulates billions of years ago. Man sees abstinence as the cure for addiction, Paul says in Colossians 3 that this is not the case. Man says experiences forms psychology evidence shows that this is not so.

The purpose of our explorations is to see and understand things somewhat differently, perhaps from the Lord’s perspective. To do so means returning to the womb, or slightly before. Here one may behold the fine inner workings of God’s creations.

Psalm 139 actually tells how it all begins for each of the Lord’s children.

“For thou didst form my inward parts,

thou didst knit me together in my mother’s womb.

14 I praise thee, for thou art fearful and wonderful.

Wonderful are thy works!

Thou knowest me right well;

15 my frame was not hidden from thee,

when I was being made in secret,

intricately wrought in the depths of the earth.

16 Thy eyes beheld my unformed substance;

in thy book were written, every one of them,

the days that were formed for me,

when as yet there was none of them.”

The passage indicates several items of great interest. First, the Lord beholds the embryo prior to birth. Then the Lord begins the knitting process. Beholding the future child the Lord constructs a framework for the child which will last till the end of days. That framework is what I refer to as the Motivational Gifts. Within each of those gifts are the specific traits that are characteristic of that Gift.

To be continued:

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A Word to the Wise

12-5-2021 – A Word to the Wise – I have been spending time with Psalms 145 lately. Very interesting Psalm. The Lord reminded me of something long forgotten this morning. I was premature, born in the midst of World War 2. From birth until 9 years of age I endured abandonment, sorrow, abuse, neglect, twice near death so that by the time I was 9 I had enough. I wanted to die. I have mentioned this before but not the event which occurred just preceding my hospitalization with polio.The Lord brought to mind once again this morning. me in that living room, with an open bible and my mind focusing on Matthew 28: 20. Several times I would put the bible aside and would find it in my lap again open to this same verse. Seventy-two hours later I was in the emergency room 107 degree temperature, with a diagnosis of polio. Seventy years later I now understand what the Lord was telling me. He knew what was about to happen. I had already faced death twice. He knew, and it would be ok, and I was to know he was there. Every afternoon around 2 P.M. the nurse would bring me graham crackers. I still love them. “Lo, I am with you always….

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A Word to the Wise

12-3-2021 – A Word to the Wise – On a personal note, let me be honest and direct. This time of year, that is the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a bad time for me. Growing up this time period was always traumatic. I have noticed I tend to be pretty negative during this period so be aware that much of what I may be posting tends to be negative.So it may be best to avoid it for awhileI suppose most of us have heard a lot of prayer in a variety of settings from the dinner table to church, to care groups. Have you ever in your prayers, or those of others heard anyone ask for adversity? I suspect if you entered the barracks of some special operations soldiers you would get an earful about combat readiness. Practice, plan and repeat exercises until every aspect of an upcoming mission is deeply ingrained in the warrior. Contrast that attitude with the Christian warrior with a constant litany of complaints about food, clothing, or shelter. When do we hear of a Christian volunteering for hardship, or adversity?Let’s face it there are some things worse than death, and Satan knows just how to dish it out. Yet somehow, I wonder if we should not prepare self and others for spiritual combat. What camp would the Lord have us sneak into under cover of darkness to spy out the enemy? How would we go about destroying the Baal’s and Asherim of our day? Do physical attacks on abortion clinic really represent God’s battle or something more sinister?Armies have different occupations. Soldiers are taught in one area and sometimes cross trained in two or three other fields. Modern armies do not have one soldier do everything yet often we approach spiritual warfare with this kind of mentality. One minister does everything. The worker bee does all the work.At a simple level God’s kingdom is divided into earthly and heavenly. The earthly kingdom is divided into warriors and civilians. There are basic differences between these two groups. The warriors in God’s army may use governmental authority to combat evil, as well as to serve and protect mankind. Civilians are under church authority, and as such exercise a different role in combating the forces of evil.Both have weapons specific to their needs. The army tends to be limited to the physical exercise of power while the civilian is limited to the spiritual exercise of power. Like apples and oranges, one does not compare them for they have different functions. The army came into existence after the flood to stem the power of Satan on earth. It did not exist in the pre-flood period Spiritual warfare on the other hand was restructured with the death burial and resurrection of Christ and exercises its power through the church. The Lord may use other organizations from time to time to accomplish His will but these organizations rarely survive longer than a generation.Recruits for God’s army, those authorized to kill, are trained primarily by the military and law enforcement, and both groups are empowered by God through the government to physically take life. This recruit may be a Christian or not.One must always be warily of the enemy. We fail to comprehend that the death of a law enforcement person or a soldier is catastrophe to the kingdom of God. This person does not have to be a Christian. Anytime an official is acting on behalf of the government and is killed in the line of duty that loss is great. Paul tells us in Romans 13 that these are ministers of God. Satan considers it a great victory to destroy these warriors. Even in the Old Testament David went to great lengths to protect evil King Saul. Even though evil he was a minister by God’s standard. Anyone guilty of taking the life of one of these individuals must account for it before God.What about the person who takes a life in the line of duty what is his standing before God or man? Well, I can assure you Satan does not like his warriors killed and he does what he can to avoid it and retaliate. A master stroke on Satan’s part is convincing people that there is no need for war, nor should a law enforcement person ever kill in the line of duty and most certainly the state should never put to death the evil doer. Satan does all he can to make his chosen appear as angels merely protecting themselves from outrageous behavior of law enforcement people. Law enforcement personnel are viewed as liars, cheats, and baby killers.Perhaps the next time you hear these types of claims you will recognize its source. Perhaps even consider it possible that the law enforcement person is telling the truth and the defendant telling the lies.More will follow.

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