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A Word to the Wise

2-28-2022 – A Word to the Wise – Two weeks to remember

I lived in a different time, some of you did as well, or have heard of it. A few living during this period are still alive, a few, a very few experienced it more intimately.

I had a front role seat. A few technical matters are necessary.

October 1962, the Russians possessed a total of 45 missiles with ranges from 1200, to 2600 miles armed with nuclear warheads. They also had a few very few (5) R-7 missiles with a 9000-mile range.

It took 24 hours to fuel and prepare these missiles for flight. One of those R-7’s had our name on it In contrast The United States possessed Jupiter, Thor, Atlas, Polaris, and Titan missiles, combined with Great Britain a total of 432 missiles were pointed at Russia.

These missiles required about 15 minutes to fuel and prepare for launch. In addition, there were 66 B-52s carrying hydrogen bombs constantly airborne during this two-week period (October 16-28, 1962).

In October, all leaves were canceled, and we were placed at DEFCON 3 on October 16.

Our task was to see the Titan missiles in silo’s surrounding McConnell AFB, Wichita Kansas was ready for flight, and we have a six-hour notice. It was difficult these birds were constantly going down for one reason or another.

But all of them had to be ready to go. On October 24th we were ordered to DEFCON 2. This had never happened before all the missiles had to be ready for launch in 15 minutes.

It was certain McConnell would be hit first so the missiles had to be on their way. We stayed at DEFCON 2 until November 15. Twelve hours on, 12 hours off.

Years later I learned the president had been told if war occurred, there was a 95% chance that all of Russia would have been obliterated, every square mile and at most we would have taken 1 or maybe 2 hits.

Obviously, McConnell would have taken the hit. The school desk practice would have been useless. Lesson learned? I have never again underestimated the ability of the Lord to bring a swift end to all of His creation.

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A Word to the Wise

2-25-2022 – A Word to the Wise – Something difficult to grasp:

Why love God? He did so much for me, however, if he had not made me, I wouldn’t have needed so much done for me. Surely, He owes me the chance to get out of this mess? After He is a just God.

However, it is not justice to make a person that can’t survive under his own power say he is free. He is not free, only under God’s authority is he free. He had the right to use his power, yes, but how much love, how much freedom did he give? Man says God made him a” free agent”, God did not ever tell man he was free.

God made man for himself, to worship him. He did not make him to be free, he chooses his purpose; he did not make him free to do as he pleased. This man has never understood. Therefore, he does not understand God’s authority. We are not free. We are slaves. We have never accepted, nor understood, this slavery. We are indeed his slaves, made only to do His will; not only must we do it but do it with love or be punished beyond anything the human mind can grasp. Yes, we are his slaves. Satan tried to steal us in the Garden and God bought us back with a great price – the suffering of Him and His Son.

They suffered to buy back their slaves, and slaves we still are. Though he is a loving master if we please him, he is still master. Till we surrender to his mastery, this slavery, we cannot love God. We strive to love God not because we are free, but because we are not. We must love or die and to die is to burn.

Justice is established by God himself. He made man for a purpose, to love him. Be his slaves, serve him. So, since God makes the rules. He makes the rules we live them. When we surrender to all of this, it is then and only then we can begin as submissive slaves, to be grateful we do have a good master, that he really is worthy of all he asks and at last we can appreciate and love him, rebel as we may, at last we accept it. He is master! With the impact of this realization, we are grateful that he is good, because we are slaves at his mercy. Now his mercy means something to us. We realize he is boss; we are not free. We could not have forced him to be liked and good but, how blessed we are that he is. We accept our slavery, and God says he will treat us as sons. This refers to “His” treatment of us. The kind of master he will be – but it still does not change the fact – we are his slaves, his servants – He is MASTER.

Did you feel the rebellion rise up?

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A Word to the Wise

2-21-2022 In our time it is often difficult to pick up a phone a call a person in need. Or perhaps drive across town to visit a widow.

On one occasion Jesus walked 35 miles to heal a grieving mother’s child and turned and came right back to his homeland to preach. Odd isn’t it to have so much and do so little.

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