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6-11-2019 – FORGIVENESS What is forgiveness? It is difficult to explain? Why? Because we tend to take it so lightly when it is required for us, but a scathing, scalding bitter pill when it is required of us. The more serious the offense against us the more searing the pain to forgive.
So how does one obtain the humility, and the humanity to forgive serious ills against? Perhaps it takes a deeper personal awareness of what Jesus did for us on the cross. See, it is the same forgiveness we give, that we receive.
It is knowing to the depth of our being that suffering for another builds character and stamina within ourselves. This new found character leads to awareness of just how deep the Fathers love is for His children.
It does not make forgiveness of others any easier. Really, it makes it even harder, but then perhaps by some small chance we discover how great the sacrifice of the Son of God for our misdeeds.

5-20-2019 – How is the spirit of a person rekindled? When worn down by the daily grind. When life’s burdens press down and leave the soul crushed and splintered beyond hope. How does one revived the spirit? For the godly person, the Christ centered individual it is a multi-level experience.

Most often it begins with a walk in the wilderness. This is the difficult part. Most of us avoid it like a fearsome experience. However the Lord needs to separate us from others. Cause us to part ways with the distractions of the world. This is accomplished either by physically distancing us from others, or seeing that we find no comfort in them. For most this is a lengthy process because we find solace in the company of others, or social media, games, or even addictions.

Once these distractions no longer pull away then the next level commences. Here is where man intervenes with a diagnoses of depression and provides a handful of pills, and quaint advice.

Yet the Lord wants his child to draw closer. To meet with Him and discover the difference between walking with Him and walking with the world. During this period one is confronted with past sins which require repentance. Once proper repentance is achieved then one must forgive self. Next one forgives others. These steps are necessary to cleanse the spirit of all impurity.

Next comes a deep awareness of the past and all of the times the Lord has intervened and blessed. How the Lord has blessed through the work and abilities of others, and the sacrifices others have made on your behalf. From the care giver who changed all of those dirty diapers to the work of teachers, friends, ministers, and at times even strangers the Lord has sent your way. Thankfulness for all of this has to consume the heart and refresh the soul.

As one becomes compliant, and even dependent on this walk with the Lord changes take place in the heart. His holiness replaces the world.
But now it is coming to a close. It is time to leave, and the Lord has a job for you to do, a road for you to walk, a task to complete.

When confronted with the impossible scope of the task, beholding what appears as a hopeless endeavor recognition comes, I cannot do this myself. It is only with the spirit of the Lord may I even begin much less finish the task set before me.

What task? It varies from individual to individual. For some it may mean healing the sick, mending the spirit with words of encouragement, or a comforting hand.
For others it may mean taking up the weapons of war to attack the enemy whether mental, physical, or spiritual. To fight for the right without question or pause, accepting no appeasement, no treaties, nothing less than complete total surrender of the enemy at hand.

Still another may be called upon to walk among the poor, the helpless souls needing redemption and revealing the good news of the gospel.

Whatever the task, whatever the road, the path requires utter dependence on the Lord and knowledge of His grace and unyielding power to accomplish any work, any task, overcome any barrier. This is how the soul of man is rekindled and set afire.

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