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3-16-2019 – A Word to the Wise – MOTHER ON HAPPINESS:
Happiness without gratitude is as remote as an earth without a sun. Cannot you just imagine the horror if suddenly we had to grope about in continual darkness, and yet we marvel because our spirits grope for the sunshine it needs to spread happiness abroad in our hearts. When we refuse to be grateful we refuse the light of happiness.
Happiness is in belonging not getting.

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3-14-2019 – A Word to the Wise

Lord God:
Cause us to know your ways
Make us see that our freedom
Is not the right to do as we please
But the opportunity to please to do as we ought.

Press on your servants a sense of responsibility
And remind us lest we become filled with pride
A day of reckoning will be required of us.

Lord of life we would know thee
That we might love thee
And thus be kinder to our fellow man.

Let us not forsake any of yesterday’s promises
Nor leave unrequited any of yesterday’s wrongs.
Help us to make this a better world for others to live in.

Make us mindful of the price that was paid
To obtain freedom
And the cost that must be paid
By us to keep it.
Give us the courage to stand up for it,
Loyal may we be willing to defend it.

Increase our faith till we no longer are overwhelmed by difficulties,
And terrified by problems.
Hold us by thy Mighty hand
Until fear cease
And we begin to believe
Nothing is too hard for thee.

Cause us to delight in
And equality for all.

Lord God Almighty

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3-4-2019 – A Word to the Wise – A PRAYER ON THE BEHALF OF PRESIDENT TRUMP:

The Lord says to you President Trump:
You are my servant,
I have chosen you and not cast you off,
Fear not, for I am with you
Be not dismayed, for I am your God
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my victorious right hand
Behold all who are incensed against you
Shall be put to shame and confounded,
Those who strive against you
Shall be as nothing
You shall seek those who contend with you
But you shall not find them:
Those who war against you
Shall be nothing at all.
For I the Lord your God
Hold your right hand:
It is I who say to you, “Fear not,
I will help you.
Cause, O Lord these words to come to pass quickly.

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