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A Word to the Wise

10-26-2022 – A Word to the Wise – Sex has always been a major theme by which Satan has sought to undermine mankind. Genesis 6:1-4 gives a taste of this when we are told that angels and women consorted to produce a special race. It became one of the major reasons of the Flood along with the prevalence of murder. After the Flood Satan did a retake and we find warfare by God’s people again seeking to destroy this race produced of Satan’s by Moses, David and three of the godly kings in the South.

Now we are engaged again in a gigantic war framed by the sexual movement of our time to undermine God’s creation. Satan has always purposed such for he hates children. The ultimate success of this movement ends humanity for there will be no children.

Satan has all through the ages inspired worship which reflects the homosexual movement. By the way just because a person finds themselves attractive to the same sex does not mean they should engage in sexual behavior. Just because one is sexually attracted to a porcupine does not mean one ought to try and have sex with one, or maybe they should!

As one studies all of the forms of idolatry in the ancient world one is struck by the realization all had a form of homosexual behavior. Some carried it even to its logical end which is found in the worship of Molech. This is one of the religions that Elijah did battle with on Mt. Carmel. Remember what this worship included besides homosexuality? Babies were thrown into the gaping burning mouth of this idol. Its proponents also engaged in homosexual behavior and self-castration as a form of worship. All these forms of worship stopped childbirth.

This same form of worship contented with Paul in Ephesus by the worship of Artemis for this to was a homosexual religion and just like the murderous crowd in Sodom they tried to destroy Paul who opposed this religion which incorporated homosexuality as the core of worship.

We see the same murderous intent of the various forms of the LGBTQ+ movements of our time which demand acceptance or the destruction of those who oppose them. Look around anyone who contends with the LGBTQ+ movement is pounced on ridiculed and ‘outed’.

However, I want to take it a step further and make a comparison which is not very pleasant. Whenever the homosexual act is consummated, you have a form of worship being enacted that is equal to what is found in Communion for the Christian at the Lord’s table. One worships Satan and the other the ultimate form of worship for the Christian with the Lord.

In the end the conclusion and purpose of Satan is to destroy the possibility of child by this worship format. Satan hates children and there are none in homosexual behavior.

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A Word to the Wise

10-15-2022 – A Word to the Wise – FOUR UNIMPORTANT QUESTIONS TO PONDER

1. Do you ever wonder what your parent or care giver will tell the Heavenly Father about you?

2. Do you ever wonder what your child will tell the Heavenly Father about the kind of parent you have been?

3. Does it concern you about the testimony of other to the Heavenly Father about you?

4. Which will be more important to tell the Heavenly Father about, Your failures or successes?

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A Word to the Wise

10-4-2022 – A Word to the Wise – ASSIGNMENTS

I am seventy-seven years old. A great deal of that time I have been given ‘assignments, particularly in school. Only on rare occasion did I completely do those assignments, and then grudgingly. The major exception had to do with police work. The assignments given in these classes I knew my life and others depended on, not just knowing but practicing.

But back on topic. As a therapist for the last 40 years, I have given a variety of assignments to clients that the Lord gave me to give. I suspect that ninety percent were never completed, probably closer to 98 per cent. Three of the main assignments; a summary of each session, an assignment for anxiety, depression, and assignments dealing with addiction. Only rarely did individuals put anything into the assignments (like 2 sentences to summarize an hour-long session!) or those avoided like a plague dealing with anxiety and addiction. Like me many are just too lazy or wanted me to do it for them. Lately the Lord gave me some assignments to do as well as for those who wanted to acquire the benefits.

That is when the Lord confronted me with my own failure to do the math assignments, English assignments (as you can tell) or, well I always did the chemistry assignments that dealt with explosives, even put them to practice!

So, I cannot blame others for doing what I did, or did not do. Many of you teachers and professors experience the same problem with students. Lately the Lord gave me another assignment which I share with those who wish to explore it. The assignment has to do with acquiring a heart of thankfulness. Simply speaking taking in 3-year segments starting with birth list three things done for you by another. That is give the first name, what was done. So, list 3 different individuals, or things done, knowledge shared, or physical, emotional help provided. Just 3 per day for seven days. The set starts over again with the next age brackets 4-through 6, and so on. (Do not complain I am 77 and have a lot of work to do).

Part of this type assignment I have given for years yet never, never, has anyone every listed the great deal of diapers changed! Imagine not thankful for those diaper changes.

I do not know the result yet for I just started but maybe some would like to try the assignments as well, or not. I know, just too much work, you know, it’s a busy day.

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